The Manchester Contemporary

Manchester's fair for the best in emerging contemporary art

The Manchester Contemporary returns for its 6th year with a record number of galleries as demand to participate in the fair continues to grow. It has remained consistent in reflecting the growth and strength of the best of a UK wide art scene that is constantly evolving. 

Alongside regular galleries from Manchester and London, this year we welcome nine new exhibitors to the city making it the largest fair to date. This line up demonstrates The Manchester Contemporary's underlying ethos as a fair that exists to provide its audience with opportunities to reconnect with galleries and artists they already know while adding to the excitement by creating opportunities for making new discoveries.

In Conversation with Pavel Büchler

Pavel Büchler  will lead a conversation with a panel of artists on what living and working in the North West means for them.  Joining Pavel will be Leo Fitzmaurice, Maeve Rendell & Magnus Quaife. Each of the invited artists have exhibited widely around the region, nationally and internationally and through the conversation lead by Büchler will be giving substantial insights as they talk about the conditions of production for their work, how the place where they live affects what they do and how what they do affects the place where they live. 

Sunday 27 September 2015 1pm

This event is free to attend with your ticket to the fair.

Maeve Rendle - no better no worse no change (2015)

Inspired by the tireless plight of ­Winnie­ from Samuel Beckett’s play ­Happy Days­, this performance sees an art enthusiast (mezzo soprano) walking aimlessly around the art fair.­ After viewing several works, the per­former stops to contemplate one art work and the ­audience surrounding it. She communicate­s to the art work and onlookers using ­a variety of phrases taken from the play - 'oh­ happy days, this will be a happy day', ­'no better, no worse, no change, no pain­…hardly any pain at all'. She then repea­tedly sings Winnie’s­ final song, The Merry Widow Waltz­ from the Operetta ­The Merry Widow­. When interrupted by the sound of her ­phone ringing she is distracted and walks off to continue viewing ­art works in the fair.

Thursday 24 September, 8-9pm
Saturday 26 September, 3-5pm


Supported by Arts Council England

The Manchester Contemporary is an invitational art fair that gives a platform to emerging galleries and their artists, using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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